The High Council of Briv

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This is an adventure conceived for MERP - IV Era, as a stand-alone adventure. It actually can be easily adapted to any fantasy world.

It's an adventure for 5-7 people, master included. The character to be played are the member of the recently born "High Council of Briv", and they must play "live" (that means, simply do what the councillors should do).

Note for the master: Jarnel is an optional character, so if you are 5, she is not present at the council. If you are 7, the master does not play any councillor, but eventually, any other character invites (i.e. the candidate. All what the players know is the background and what is written in their respective page ( a player must read only his own page!).

This is an adventure for 1-2 sessions. If you took this adventure from "La Torre Senza Nome", you can act as follows:

After the first session, every players write a short report to his/her authority. The master send me all the reports by e-mail. I will send you the answers before the 2nd session. Then I want to know the results!!!

The background

It's the year 253, Fourth Era, in the far East of the Middle-Earth. A great war finished few months ago. The war was between the big, but mainly desert kingdom of Tirmenon, and the little, coastal, rich kingdom of Briv. This war actually involved indirectly all the realms of the region. Let's see what happened in all of them.

Tirmenon: they were surprised by the Brivan attack and by the Brivan strength, which was supposed insignificant. Also they did not expect that Briv was using as war beasts the RTF, big rodents that anybody believed were extinct. And at the final battle, they did not expect to face an undead army. Anyway, Tirmenon won, but needed the help of two allies: the Kwrak, sort of scorpion-men living under the desert of Tirmenon (and ancestral enemies of the RTF), and Talasta, the powerful kingdom of the South, which sent few soldier, bur among the Kierin, probably the best knights of the world. Now Tirmenon do not want to keep Brivan territory, but want to have there an easy-to-control state.

Talasta: the Talastan often consider themselves as the guardians of the Southeastern Middle-Earth (as Arnor and Gondor in the Northwest), that's why they occurred in help of Tirmenon in the war. Tirmenon is not known as a kingdom of saints, but Talastan know that there was a great evil force in Briv, and had the confirmation when they saw the undead army. Anyway, they are extending their influence in the Tirmen area.

Briv: the kingdom is destroyed: his economy, once strong and based on commerce (and piracy), is in dust. The Tirmen took all what they could during the plunder that followed the last battle. The king is dead, nobody knows about the archmage, and only the strong hand of Jarnel, the Tirmen temporary ruler, avoided the total chaos.

The Seven Realms: seven little kingdoms (Delkin, Florina, Lomar, Munkstat, Rancli, Squo and Zupelago), linked by a strong and old alliance, and by the common faith in Orome. They are the northern neighbours of Tirmenon and Briv, and were neutral in the war. Actually, that war has harmed the alliance: the king of Munkstat wanted to join Briv, and Zupelago wished to join Tirmenon! Anyway, in general, they dislike both of the sides involved in the war, and fear the growing power of Talasta in the region. Althoug they were out of the war, they reached to impose a representant in the Brivan Council.

The Kwrak clans: they usually don't mind about the human business. They only have few, but friendly, contacts with the Tirmen, which live just above them. The reason why they entered the war was the presence of the RTF on the Brivan side. All the Kwrak have an atavic hate for the RTF. They believed the RTF were extinct, and now they wish to be sure.

Feldan: the southern neighbour of Tirmenon, a weak nation which main reason of existence is to occupy a land between Tirmenon and Talasta to avoid possibility of conflict. They were neutral during the war. Now that a permanent alliance between the two strong neighbour is in sight, the triumvirs fear for the existence of the state.

The members of the High Council are:



(Talastan man, 40 years, Kierin officer)


Herald of Tirmenon

(Tirmen man, Three Dunes Clan, 50 years, glass maker)


Marquis of Yip (Squo)

(Easterling man, 42 years, ranger)


Herald of Tirmenon

(Tirmen woman, White Lance Clan, 34 years, thief)


High warrior of Ro'vraad Clan

(Kwrak male, 36 years, fighter)

Could be present at the council, without right of vote, the current temporary ruler of Briv:


Lady of the Desert

(Tirmen woman, Dragon Clan, 28 years, magician)

Arobin is the president of the High Council, but this only means that he open and direct the works, his vote has the same value of the others. The council decide by majority, but it is better to avoid situation of "3 against 2".

Every councillor can propose other matter of discussion, but the council can reject them.

The schedule is as follows:

1. Type of state

Define if it will be monarchy or republic.

If monarchy, define if the sovereign is a king, a prince, a duke or whatever else.

2. Role of the leader.

If it's monarchy, decide if the succession is by heritage or elective (i.e. by the High Council)

If it's republic, establish how the senate must be elected and how much power it has.

3. Election of the leader.

He (or she) must be a Brivan. If there are two sessions, no more candidates can be proposed in the second session.

There are not yet official candidates, but four names are circulating:

Chadyn, 45 years, merchant, Easterling man

Si-Min, 37 years, ranger, Easterling man

Merak, 60 years, druid, Easterling man

Vran, 42 years, fighter, Easterling man

Note: the grade of lord (or lady) of the desert is higher than herald of Tirmenon.

The following pages are reserved for their owners:


Kierin officer, Talastan, 40 years, fighter/cleric

Considered the type of the conflict recently ended, the king of Talasta decide to trust a kierin as a representant in the Brivan High Council. So Lord Melkas (the First Kierin) gave you the role.

Your target is to avoid Briv to became again a danger for this area, and to grant for the kierins free action in the Brivan territory.

Personally, you consider monarchy and republic indifferent for your purposes. If their is monarchy, anyway, the leader must not be less than a duke (better granduke or prince): he's not a Tirmen servant.

If the council decides for the republic, the senate should be elected directly by the people, under the chock of the High Council. The Consuk must keep the executive power.

If it's monarchy, the heritage system always worked well in Talasta and many other kingdoms, why should not work as well in Briv?

Your candidate is Merak, a wise man who kept out of the war, and who is absolutely not a hot head. His charisma is not very good, but you wish to see if anybody in Briv will dare to contrast an High Council's decision.

You think that Chadyn is not skilled enough for the role: maybe he could raise the Brivan economy, but his knowledge of politics, public order and military tactic are zero.

Vran is young, has military experience, was a rebel during the reign of Amalric (the dead king of Briv). His group has been aided by Tirmenon and you think they now he is strictly linked to the people of the desert. You already saw what Jarnel made during her government and you don't want that they force again this country, or it will explode.

Si-Min was a refugee in Florina during the conflict. He seems to be a clever man, but for him you can make the same objections about Vran: he's too near to the Seven Realms.

If their is a dead point, you could propose an alternative candidate:

Ilgares (47, ship captain). Not a bad man, but not the smartest man in Briv. Merak is far better.

In case, you can send a report to lord Melkas, or to the king of Talasta


Herald of Tirmenon, 50years, elder member of the guild of glass makers, clan of the Three Dunes. Living in Tirmaj, capital city of Tirmenon.

You and Tanivel has been nominated by the king of Tirmenon, after a consult with the clan-head and the guild masters. You think that in the council you should make one common front, and you are the elder and higher on level of the two.

In particular you dislike the fact that the Seven Realms had imposed their representative. You will always try to contrast him.

You think the republic as the best form for Briv, but the matter is of little importance. Most important avoiding that it will be again "kingdom of Briv": a duke is high enough (maybe too much).

Considering the Tirmen experience, if there is a monarchy, you will propose an elective one. If the republic is approved, the senate should represent the guilds, but most of the power should remain in the High council hands.

Your candidate is Vran, a good warrior, a rebel during the war. He's an expert soldier, and he is near to Tirmenon.

Chadyn has some strange ideas in his head, and thinks a little too much about his personal profit, but is better than the other two.

Si-Min is a puppet of the Seven Realms, to avoid absolutely.

Merak has no charisma, nobody in Briv will follow him, and soon the state will fall in the hands of the army, but without our control.

If lady Jarnel is present, you think it's useful to listen to her (she's a lady of the desert, it's not wise to have her as an enemy), but you think she's simply a little immature girl and you think that she is a lady of the desert only because his father was king. Anyway, she forced the Brivans quite well during these months.

If there is a dead point, you can propose a reserve candidate:

Wedip (70 years, merchant): a wise and clever man. If he was 25 years less he would be the perfect ruler of Briv. He is quite friendly with Tirmenon.

Abvout Rei-Pin, she's a good singer and a very beautiful girl, bur an unbelievable queen.

In case of need, you can report to one of:

-Lady Lansel, guild master of the glass makers

-Your clan-head

-The King (only if really important)


Marquis of Yip, Easterling, 42 years, ranger

Your nomination was a clever operation of your queen, Ethelia, who profited of a too long hashish cigar of the chef of the Seven Realms delegation, king Dregos of Rancli.

Anyway, you represent all the Seven Realms, not just Squo. And this is an unique chance as a diplomat.

You consider the monarchy as the natural form of Briv. And you don't see anything wrong in the fact that it will continue to be called "kingdom". You must avoid a title as duke or worse: Briv is not a Tirmen servant!

The elective monarchy is a idiot idea that only the Tirmen could imagine (actually, you know that it exist also in Dorwinion, but you will not take as a sample people known only for their wine).

If the republic is approved, try to keep most of the power in the consul's hands.

Your candidate is Si-Min, an Orome follower, a trustworthy man. You know that he has friends in the nobles of Florina.

By you, Merak is a goodfellow, but not skilled enough to lead a nation.

Vran is the worst: just a Tirmen man of straw.

About Chadyn, seems untrustworthy, better only than Vran.

You could propose an alternative candidate:

Jubinios (34 years, land holder): a good and honest man, quite competent and respected. He as no experience, and he's not a genius, but could be ok if well followed by the Council.

You could think also about Ilgares, the sailor. Not a bad man, but you seem to remember that Ceinewen, the high priest of Zupelago, told you something bad about him. Better avoid him.

You can report to queen Ethelia, or the high priest of Squo.


Herald of Tirmenon, 34 years, clan of the White Lance, member of the guild of the thieves. Living in Nellaj, Tirmen 2nd town and only port.

You are considered a dove in Tirmenon, and that's probably why they nominated you together with the "hawk" Beresan. By sure, he's elder and more important, but you know better the Brivan situation. Maybe could be useful make one front sometimes, but if he think about submitting you, he is dreaming!

You don't see particular reasons to create a republic in Briv: a duke or granduke could be ok: the sovereign is not a servant, but is not a king.

In case of republic, the senate should represent the guilds, but with limited power: it's easier to keep in control one man than many.

The elective monarchy works very well in Tirmenon: should be right also for Briv.

Your candidate is Chadyn: ha can let the commerce rise that could help Briv to live again and will let Tirmenon gain a lot: exactly what your guild wants.

Si-Min is an untrustworthy man and is absolutely too near to the Seven Realms. You already dislike that they have a representative, the cannot also control Briv.

Merak could be a good, wise man (even if you don't like the paternalistic way he has when speaking with you), but not skilled to drive a turbulent state as Briv.

Vran seems to have many friends in Tirmenon, and has been of help as a rebel. But you think he is the type of man ready to betray you as soon as the wind turns. Unfortunately, you can't say that to Beresan and Jarnel. Anyway, you'll never vote for him.

You think that Jarnel has done a very good work: plundering Briv enough to let it on knees, but not so much to bury it. If she's present, you'll consider her suggestion (but not necessarily you'll apply them).

If someone propose alternative candidates, you know a little:

Wedip: probably once he was very clever: but he's too old.

Jubinios: not bad, but to be kept on sight.

You don't have any alternative candidate.

You can report to your guild master, or your clan-head.


High warrior of Ro'vraad clan, kwrak, 30 years.

Actually, you kwrak were not interested to have a place in the Council, but when the Tirmen gave you the proposal, your clan-heads decided to accept. By you, you would like to kill all the Brivans with their RTF.

Yo will propose to the High Council to offer a bounty to everyone will bring a RTF skull.

Anyway, you are the kwrak councillor, so try to do it as the best.

You are not sure to having understood what exactly a republic is, it seems a classic stupid human invention.

Another senseless thing: why should you call a king "duke" ? It's not the same to call him "king"?

You'll propose the monarchy by heritage, but with a variant: if anybody thinks the king is unrightful, he can challenge him on duel (a used in many Kwrak clans).

You don't have a candidate (you can't find a trustworthy Brivan).

Yos should avoid Chadyn ,a half mad, racist merchant.

You personally don't like Merak, and the others could be more or less ok.

You should ask the High Council the authorisation for the Kwrak to dig under Briv, and the negation of any racist law.

if the other councillor insist on you to propose a candidate, you can launch

Rei-Pin (36 years, bard), a nice woman, very good singer, clever enough for a stupid kingdom as Briv.

You can report to your clan-head.


Lady of the Desert, clan of the Dragon, 28 years, magician, daughter of the former king of Tirmenon (died in the war)

You are known in all Tirmenon for your beauty and your movemented life (not for your easy uses, common in Tirmenon), so many were surprised when the king nominated you as temporary ruler of Briv. Anyway you think you did a good work: Briv is a very badly reduced state, but with still its natural resources, and by hard work it can raise. A pity is not to have killed all the RTF.

Now someone else must go on.

The new council has a difficult duty: first the must avoid to kill each other (it will be amusing to see Beresan and Shiltek fighting).

Anyway, we must keep the Seven Realms representative. It's important not to do some fool act so to let Talasta and the Seven Realms unite against us.

By you, you'd propose the Tirmen model for Briv: elective monarchy: price or granduke of Briv.

Tha candidate are note the best:

Chadyn has some strange ideas in his head: he could raise the economy, but for the rest, better forgetting him.

Vran is a friend of Tirmenon, has military experience, but he'd better if he has to create the chaos than to govern.

Merak has a detestable character, and the same charisma of a mushroom

Si-Min seems to be the best of four, but he's too close to the Seven Realms

Anyway, the decision is not yours.

if anybody propose alternative candidates, you know them all quite well, and you know that they are not better than the first four:

Ilgares is now a respectable sailor, bur in the past he was a pirate.

Wedip is too old: in a few years he'll be dead or idiot

Jubunios is a goodfellow, but not clever enough

Rei-Pin is a good singer, but without any politic experience, you also think she would not accept.

You do not need to report, but you can ask suggestion to the king.