Fresco - release 2.2

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Fragments of RidAr for an Essential System, Clear and Obvious

Fresco is a system for RPG intended to be universal, agile, without any complication and ideal for quick games on the beach or in other futile places. Needed stuff:

The system is based upon 7 attributes:

Any reduced stat is recovered by 1 point per hour of rest.

The players roll 3d6 (3 six-faced dices) to define the first six attributes. It the PC are humans, that's it. If they're not, apply any modifications that could make sense. For instance, for an elf, it could be right to make +2 RE, +1 AG, -1 CO and -2FO. About the FA, it's linked to CO and RE. so make (CO+RE)/3+ 1d6, round to the closer unit.

Then, let players chose a couple of special talents, something like “Ambidextrous” , “I can make cowboy hats”, “I can drive starships , “I am a bridge player” “ I can stand alcohol”. Let them decide details (eyes, hair, ...) an possibly some background for the PC. Give them a fair amount of “money”, a kit for the environment you intend to play, and the PC is ready.


Any time a PC intend to to a particular action, he (or she) has to make a TAF (Throw for Action in Fresco.... OK you can call it FAR: Fresh Action Roll, if you rather like it)

result= attribute value - 2d6 (2 six-faced dices) - difficulty

if the result i positive, the action is OK, if not, it fails. The difficult is stated by the master (also called “the Freshest”) . For instance, a very common action is “-5”” (why rolling?), a normal thing is “0”, something quite difficult is “+5”, something absurd is “+15”.

Sometimes, when someone else is trying to contrast the PC (or vice versa) the difficult value can be the result of the opponent's TAF. Keep in mind that a double 1 on a TAF (FAR) means that the action is a success. A double 6 means a failure. If there are a quick succession of actions (a fight, for instance), firs all characters must do a RE TAF (FAR), to state the order of actions. Then start, keeping that anyone can do only 1 action in a round, i.e. 10 seconds.

When fighting, the attacker can decide to aim: if so, rise by 2 difficulty. If not, the freshest should determine the location randomly (1d6, see below). In a fight, usually anyone should parry in melee and avoid missiles in distance. Who decides to do the reverse, will have a “5” malus on his attr. A shield gives “+1” to the defender's attruibute.

The roll for hitting someone is as follows:

FO (AG) attacker -TAF - FO (AG) defender - difficulty

The difficulty can also be negative (i.e. -10 for surprise, -5 for lateral attack, -10 for rear attack, ...).

If the result is less than “-7” (or double 6 on TAF), the attack fails. If the result is between “-7” and “0”, the attacker does the normal damage. If the result is above “0” (or double 1), the attacker also inflicts a special damage (see below).

When someone is taken, the weapons do the following damages:

Special damage:it's decided by the freshest, and it depends on the target of the attack:

- head (1 on randomly chosen target roll): - 1 SE; -1 RE; 1 round stunned (he can only defend)

- body (2 on r.c.t.r.): blood flood: -1 HP per round, until bandaged
- arm (3-4): -1 FO (-2 if it's the main arm); he can only either attack or parry.
- leg (5-6): - 1 AG; he can't run nor avoid missiles. If both legs are damaged, he falls on the ground.

Armours and protections can reduce damage:

Keep in mind that an armour is fastidious to wear (if you wish, lower up to 1 point of CO every hour for wearing an armour). Also, after receiving many hits, the armour efficiency is damaged (reduce 1 HP of protection every 5 hits received).
If you use magic, or psionic abilities, I suggest you use “instant magic”. The PC tries to cat something, the freshest states difficulty, and the player make a TAF (FAR). Anyway, the PC loses 1 IN point.

About all the remaining... it's on the freshest's hands.

Growing up of the PC

Actually, Fresco is designed mainly for short campaigns, but if you really want....

At the end of every session of game, the freshest give an amount of XP to the PC, I suggest 2-5 according by what they did, how they played, ...
And once they have XP? They can spend them, to gain new special skills (10 XP each, I suggest no more than 5 special skills). Or they can spend them to increase stats. Rise an attribute by 1 point costs an amount of XPO equal to the value the attr will reach. Es. rise the FO from 12 to 13 costs 13 XP. Rise the RE from 5 to 6 costs 6 XP. A suggestion: for compatibility reasons, keep written somewhere original stat values.

And now? Enjoy it!


for info and comments

Special thanks to the first Fresco players: Alanadin (the druid), Fantaghirò (the elf fighter), Fox (the weapon master), Rosto Kune, aka the Darkwood (the dunadan), Savonarola (the preacher).

You can freely distribute this manual AS IS, free of charge.
You produce settings or an adventures for this system, but please send a copy of it to the author.

And hese are the sheets...