Journey over Borderline

Quock adventure for MERP
Party: 4-5 characters, about 5th level

Year of the aventure: 254 F.A.
Place of start: Nevillis, little town near the border of Gondor kingdom, about 20 km north of Morannon gate. Better if the PC arrived here from Osgiliath, Gondor capital city. A good-aligned party, or even better, neutral party is preferable.

The Pcs come to Neveillis, and obviosly, the first thing they need is a place where they can eat and sleep. There are 3 taverns in Nevillis, easy recognizable by the labels:

Black Eagle: looks quite nice, the typical trusthworty place, but not annoying for that. B&B 20 bronze coins.

The Swordcrossing: typical tavern without luxuries, but where you can have a safe drink & sleep. It's the smallest one. B&B: 12 BC

Hung Hammer: at first sight it looks an untrustworthy place. B&B 10 BC.

If the Pcs ask the citizens, they will say the best one is the Black Eagle, but as well as the most expensive. The Hung Hammer is described as a thieves' cove. The common voyager goes to the Swordcrossing. Anyway, the worst thing is to camp outside the town.

By consequence of the chosen tavern, they will know the keeper:

Syl-Vaner (B.E.): he is a dorwinadan, but can be mistake for an easterling. By sure the city best expert in wines, an easy man, but quite trustworthy. He has two servants (consider 'em as 3rd level fighters) and 3 waitresses (2nd level scouts). Consider him as a 10th level ranger: attack 120, defense 40, HP 80. The Pcs can discover, by asking the travellers, that Syl-Vaner is skilled about herbs and poisons.

Olanur (SC.): a dunadan, middle-aged, quite fat. He likes a lot talking, and he'll tell (among many other stories) that the east way is not very safe recently. He would like to know everything about the party. If there is a bard, he'll try to hire him for 2 silver coins per evening. He has 1 servant ( 4th level fighter) and 4 waitresses ( 2nd level scouts).

Tharwine (H.H.): a rohirrim man, about 35 years old. He seems to know everybody in the tavern, and he probably (60%) knows tha name of at least a PC. He's 4 servants (2 fighters and 2 scouts, all 4th level) and 3 waitresses (or a bit mpore than that). The Pcs may disconer he has some justice trouble in Rohan, and that his head is quoted 20 gold coins.

Quite interesting, in Nevillis, il Kessis' alchemy shop. There are many magical objects of little power and a few very interesting items:

Depending of the chosen tavern, there will be 3 different events:

Black Eagle: a merchant called Maloskil comes in (followed by 2 servants), and he will spealk with Syl-Vaner, saying that he intend to go to Lavakir (capital city of one of the many insignificant states over eastern borderline of Gondor). He will ask if anybody will do the journey with him, beacuse “together it's safer”. If none of the Pcs will move, after dinner he will try to hire them, as escort, for 2 silver coin a day each (but he can reach 5 SC after discussion).

Swordcrossing: a man enter the tavernm he speak briefly with Olanur, and announce that his master (Maloskil) told him to find an escort for a travel of about 3 days to Lavakir. He offers 2 SC a day each. The Pcs can discover that the way to Lavakir is considered slightly dangerous

Hunh Hammer: some adventurer will discuss about a man called Maloskil who came today in town, and who is looking for men for an escort. The Pcs could discover that Maloskil is attacked quite often. Too often. People say that hi deals in strange magical items.

Anyway, Pcs will come in contact with Maloskil. He pretend to be a merchant in artisan's manufatcs. BTW, he can show 'em a nicley carved non-magicale knife (+5 bonus, price 20 GC)

The Pcs will probably do the travel with hime. He is accompained by 2 servants (3rd level scouts, attack 40, def 30, HP 40 LC), and he travels on a chariot with 2 horses. The travel to Lavakir lasts 3 days.

At evening of 1st day, the group will be attacked, in a hill zone, by a group of raiders (4 figthers of 5th level, with +5 swords and bows: attack by sword 60 , attack by bow 80, def 50, HP60, heavy leather)

The raiders attack with poisoned arrows (see next) and stop attacking after they hit at least 2 Pcs. The first servant wich is wounded flees away in panic. The other still combats. Maloskil uses a bow, but he's not very skilled.

The poison is of 10th level, and has 2 effects: by failing the RT for more than 40, you fall asleep. By simply failing, you are “converted” for 2d6 days. The converted character execute any order he receive in a loud tone, preceeded by his name.

Maloskil continues for Lavakir, ed propose to encamp. The next day, the group is attacked again.

This time, the raider order to wounded Pcs to attack their fellows. Note: if the target is a close friend of the converted, this can attack without all his strength (i.e. he inflicts only “A” criticals)

Throw 1d4: the result is the number of raider which name is pronounced during battle. The raiders are converted themselves. If the Pcs will realize that, the battle will really short.

If things ing battle go well, Maloskil will use his sword very well, by killing a couple of wounded raiders.

If raiders are taken alive, they can reveal their leadr's name: Maloskil. Now it's time to define him:

12th level animist: attack by sword : 80+10; attack by spell 24; def 50; leather; HP 90

Interesting items: a x3 chenneling multiplier, a ring (+10 defens), a +10 poisoned sword, a bottle of poison.

Once arrivede in Lavakir, the Pcs will find a little town, led by duke Krobin (dwarf fighter, 10th level), not particularly confortable, but really safe and well organized. Nobody in town knows about this poison, but if they ask to Syl-Vaner in Nevillis, he knows about it.